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In America

KT&G history starts in 1883. With more than 130 years of history, we are ranked 5th among international tobacco manufacturers in the global market.

KT&G history starts in 1883, founded as Sunhwaguk.

KT&G is headquartered in Seoul,​ South Korea. We are the 5th largest cigarette manufacturer in the world. KT&G has more than 130 years of cigarette manufacturing experience. We founded the Korea Monopoly Corporation in 1987 and changed the corporate name to KT&G Corporation in 2002.

KT&G USA is headquartered in Plano, Texas. We entered the US market with the introduction of Carnival in 1999. We then launched Timeless Time in 2010. We currently ship over 40 states through 450+ distributor partners. KT&G USA is also ranked 5th among national manufactures in the USA.

reaching out to the world

KT&G has continuously pioneered the world market and is recognized as a global company with its multiple overseas subsidiaries and plants.

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Approved in 47 States
Approved in 47 States
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A company that expects even more tomorrow

KT&G has gained a competitive advantage in the market through change and innovation, and is growing into a global giant company by leaping into the world market beyond Korea. In addition, we are trying to become a company that helps society through our various social contribution activities and are fulfilling our environmental responsibility by developing eco-friendly products and through resource and energy savings.

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